CRO Certificate of Good Standing/Letter of Status

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A CRO Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) is also known as a CRO Letter of Status.

It is proof that an Irish company is incorporated and authorised to undertake business in Ireland and has been in existence since incorporation.

To qualify for a CGS a company must have been properly maintained since incorporation with the CRO.

If the company has not meet its legal requirements or returns are overdue with the CRO the company could lose its status. To have status restored all outstanding filings must be completed and any fines/fees paid.

A CGS includes:

Company name, registration number, and registration date

Confirmation that the company Annual Returns and Financial Statements are filed up to date

Confirmation that the company is not in liquidation or subject to an administration order

Confirmation that no receiver or manager of the company’s property has been appointed.

The letter of status is accompanied by a company printout with information such as the company director(s), company secretary, registered office address, and a list of CRO filings with dates including the initial filing to incorporate the company.

The CGS does not include details of the shareholders or beneficial owners.

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