Our 20 Service Promises to You

Clients are the most important people to us and your satisfaction is absolutely essential. To give you the high quality service you deserve we promise to look after your financial affairs by:

  1. Returning your phone calls promptly within 24 hours.
  2. Replying to your letters within 48 hours.
  3. Seeing you promptly for appointments.
  4. Listening to what YOU are saying.
  5. Identifying and exceeding your expectations.
  6. Doing what you want when you want.
  7. Serving you as a VIP client.
  8. Getting close to you to generate greater understanding.
  9. Bringing ideas to you to help your business grow.
  10. Getting work done on time so that you never have to chase us.
  11. Proactively communicating with you quickly and frequently.
  12. Meeting with you where you want.
  13. Maintaining the personal touch.
  14. Establishing rapport and empathy.
  15. Delivering a friendly, respectful and confidential service.
  16. Being honest and upfront with you always.
  17. Delivering 5 star service.
  18. Maintaining the high standards of professionalism and confidentiality you expect.
  19. Referring our contacts to you where we believe you can benefit.
  20. Avoiding over-promising and delivering what we promise.

We believe that the quality of our service is remembered long after the price is forgotten. And client satisfaction is the benchmark by which we measure our client service.

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My personal service guarantee to you.