Fixed Fees

Our clients tell us that they want a fees and billing policy which means that they never receive a bill from us they weren’t expecting, that they know fully the basis of our fees and that they know how much our advice and help is going to cost.

We think that’s fair. You should not have unpleasant surprises, unnecessary stress, or time wasted arguing about fees. You should have easy budgeting and cash flow planning.

So we have designed a clear and up-front fees and billing policy. In short, you will get a complete win-win fee policy from us today, tomorrow and forever!

How We Price

We aim to provide a top class service that gives you what you want on a value for money basis. We price based on the skill and expertise involved in the work required, as well as the value provided to you.


Before we undertake an assignment, it is our policy to discuss and agree in writing our fixed fees, so that you know where you stand. No surprises or hidden fees. We review our fees every year to make sure they reflect the work we do. This means we’ll reduce fees if it is the right thing to do.


We can package our fees into an agreed fixed fee that covers all the work we do for you. You can then pay monthly over the entire year to assist your cash flow and budgeting.

Time Billing

Accountants normally use time based billing to charge fees. But this can reward them for being slow! It can also encourage overservicing, penalise technological advances, discourage professionalism, create conflict of interest, and worst of all transfer all risk to you for inefficiencies, duplication of work and timesheet abuse. Do you think this is fair? We do not.

Fixed Fees

Fixed fees provide peace of mind and the ability to budget accordingly. They improve communication and service as you will not hesitate to call when you know you’ll not be charged for every point of contact. They eliminate time billing abuses and inefficiencies and encourages the desired outcome to be arrived at as efficiently as possible.


In the very rare and exceptional circumstances where fees cannot be agreed in advance e.g. forensic accounting and litigation support, they are then based on the degree of risk, responsibility and skill involved, the seniority and professional expertise of the staff on the assignment, the priority and importance of the work, the complexity, difficulty, rarity or urgency of the assignment, the places where and the circumstances in which the assignment is carried out, whether any specialised knowledge is given or applied by us, the value of the advice that we provide and the rates that are current when the work is carried out together with any expenses properly incurred.

Fixed fees will give you peace of mind.

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