Preparing to Change Accountant

If you think that your accountant is not really interested in you and your business and not attending to your needs, you should think carefully about:

  • what you really need for your business
  • where it is heading
  • what that might mean in terms of the type of adviser you want

Even if the business is at an early stage of development, you should look ahead with a degree of optimism and decide whether your present accountant can assist you with your medium to long term plans.

When you approach your new accountant be precise about your needs, plans, worries and aspirations, and explain why you found your previous accountant inadequate. Make sure that you feel comfortable in dealing with your new accountant. And be satisfied that they have the necessary:

  • technical and communication skills
  • proactive attitude
  • attention to client service
  • experience
  • resources and staff to meet your needs

It is important that your accountant takes a proactive advisory role to help you to do the things that you want to do. Our Changing Accountant Checklist will help you decide.

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