Irish Company Formation

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We can incorporate a new company for you in just 3 working days.

If you want to only form a company just for now, we are more than happy to oblige as we are company formation experts.

It is what we do.

But we can do more!

That’s why clients describe us as “the helpful accountants”.

Our clients find that our commitment to providing a fast and efficient service is of vital importance – it means that new company directors can quickly get on with other profit generating tasks such as sales research and business development.

If you wish to be bored we can advise you in excruciating detail on all the essential paperwork that’s needed. After all that’s what accountants are exceptional at!!

However, at Parfrey Murphy, we always endeavour to reduce the boring bits, go beyond the basics and go that extra mile for you. (Click here to see your options)

Initial advice

For example, we’ll guide you through key decisions like the appointment of directors and the company secretary.

And we’ll help you choose a company name and advise you of your options should the one you’ve selected already be registered with the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

And also by taking a genuinely helpful and open approach, we’ll also speak to you about the advantages and disadvantages of trading through a limited company, the tax saving issues involved and we’ll even discuss whether the formation of a company really is the most advantageous move for your business.

And if it’s not then we will advise you not to do it!

Because there must be a good commercial reason for forming a company. If not, don’t.

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Additional Assistance

We are specialist company startup experts so…

If you want more than just forming a company you can also get great help on a huge range of other related matters including setting up all necessary books and records, reviewing the VAT position, advising on Shareholders Agreements, compliance with legislation as well as registering your company with the Revenue Commissioners for Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE/PRSI.

And much more!

And hopefully we will help you to avoid the startup pitfalls that will hinder your business and instead focus you on profit and business growth.

In short, if you want we can be your initial or your long term trusted business advisor; delivering guidance, support and complete peace of mind.

What can be more helpful than that?

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