Required Information

We need the following information to attend to  your company formation requirements:

1. Company Name

Your required company name which we will pre formation confirm availability with the CRO.

2. Registered Office Address

A physical postal address to be the company’s Registered Office address.

3. Business Activity

You must provide the CRO with your new company’s business activity for statistical purposes.

4. Director/Company Secretary Details

The CRO need for each director and the Company Secretary a full name, date of birth, occupation, nationality and address.

5. Shareholders Details

The allocation of the shares that are to be issued to the shareholders and if they are other than the proposed directors or company secretary we need full names, dates of birth, occupations, nationalities and addresses.

6. Company Formation Form

You can find our company formation application form for completion here. Just complete the form and scan it back to us at

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to form a company in Ireland