Brexit Resources

On June 23, 2016, the UK held a referendum to ask voters if they wanted to stay in or leave the EU. The 52% majority vote ‘to leave’ was a surprise to politicians and commentators alike.

The issues created by Brexit for the EU – and so Ireland – are many and uncertain. With its close ties to the UK, Ireland will feel the effect of Brexit more than any other EU State and this creates anxiety:

  • How will trade and free movement be affected?
  • What will be the effect on taxes and import tariffs?
  • What will be the impact on the competitiveness of Irish business?
  • And so on…

Of course in any time of change and uncertainty there are also opportunities. What will they be and how can Irish business best capitalise on these?

We hold no claim of being able to predict the future, but as the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. Therefore we’re making available various resources that can help you:

  • Get some understanding of what’s happening.
  • Identify what threats and opportunities may exist for your business.
  • See what practical steps you can take to protect your position.

If you would like help implementing changes or just to talk over how you might be affected by Brexit please give Seamus Parfrey a call today on 021 431 0266.


Brexit – A Guide

This guide written by Chartered Accountants Ireland provides a good summary of the legal and tax context of Brexit as it affects Ireland. Read more…

Help Your Business To Survive Brexit

This is our own guide written to help businesses deal practically with some of the effects that Brexit will bring. Read more…

The Implications of Brexit For Irish Business

This guide written by PWC is very good in looking at the wider economic picture and how Brexit will affect Irish business. Read more…

Brexit and Irish Tax

There’s a great article on Ronan Daly Jermyn’s website about some of the potential impacts from Brexit on existing Irish tax legislation. Read more…