How to Choose Your Accountant

It’s difficult to decide on one accountant over another unless you have been fortunate to get a good ‘word of mouth’ recommendation from a reputable source.

The following questions may help you in arriving at an informed decision:

  1. Will they make a good business partner?

    • Do they put clients first?
    • Do they follow the Golden Rule – Do onto others as you would have others do to you?
    • Do they care?
    • Do they have friendly people who are easy to work with?
    • Do they have a high staff retention rate?
    • Will they help solve your problems today and develop strategies for a successful future?
    • Do they offer efficient and cost effective “one stop” shopping for all the services you need?
    • Do they offer you access to dedicated experts?
  2. Will you benefit from their reputation?

    • Are they active in the community and with professional organisations?
    • Will they be a good referral source for you?
    • Will their reputation in the business community open doors for you?
  3. Can you expect added value from them?

    • When beginning a relationship will they listen to you and understand your business without charging you?
    • Will they make meaningful suggestions to help improve your business?
    • Do they have a proven history of bringing tax-saving, profit improvement and cost saving ideas to clients
    • Do they have business growth services and tools that will benefit you?
    • Are they innovative?
  4. Can they assure you they adhere to high standards of quality?

    • Do they document client service promises and procedures?
    • Will they give written guarantees?
    • Can they give you references?
    • Will a partner be involved throughout the engagement?
    • Will they take the time to communicate often so that you understand what is going on?
    • Will they meet your deadlines?
    • Do they have a good reputation for quality service and work?

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