Business Growth Services

We work with businesses like yours to help you to make a better future by using our business growth services. These services are far more valuable than traditional accounting services such as preparing annual accounts and routine tax compliance and, in our opinion, can be the difference between winning and losing with your business.

Our range of business consulting services add real value to your business and are designed to help you grow your business and become more profitable.

They include:

  1. Financial Analysis

    In order to assess how a business is doing the figures in the annual Financial Statements should be reviewed and compared. Financial ratios have been developed to enable the performance of a business to be assessed over time. By comparing changes in ratios, improvements in performance and problem areas can be readily identified. This should improve business profitability and help to attend to problem issues before they become critical.

  2. 80/20 Analysis

    Experimentally it has been shown that in any area of a business there are just a few factors that are leading to the majority of the results. This imbalance between causes and effects is often referred to as the 80/20 principle. By exploiting the 80/20 relationship you can generate the most money with the least expenditure. You are then in a position to grow your business exponentially, enjoy your current income with a more relaxed lifestyle, or perhaps a bit of both. We can help you perform an 80/20 review on all aspects of your business so that you can do this.

  3. Cost Reduction Review

    An analysis with you on how you can successfully reduce costs without negatively affecting your business or your customers.

  4. Profit Improvement

    A detailed review with you on how to improve your business profitability including identification of high and low margin income streams.

  5. Financial/Bank Restructuring

    An examination of your current business financial structure, identification of funding requirements and restructure to reduce financing costs.

  6. Grant Assistance

    Identification of available grants and assisting with grant applications.

  7. Business Development Planning

    Identification of ideas and actions to grow your business.

  8. Bank Interest Review

    A detailed review to identify bank interest overcharged and refundable.

  9. Margin Analysis

    An in depth analysis of your trading margins by product/service and how they can be improved.

  10. Break Even Analysis

    Identification of your financial break event point and daily/weekly “run rate”.

  11. “What-if” Review

    A review of the effects of various financial scenarios e.g. change in product/service mix.

  12. KPI Review/Reporting

    Identification of the key performance indicators which allows you to understand what is happening in your business financially and operationally and implement timely and appropriate actions.

  13. Cash Flow Management/Reporting

    Forecasting and monitoring your cash flows to improve your working capital management.

  14. Financial Projections

    Forecasting your financial performance for both short and medium term.

  15. Business Plan

    Assisting you to produce an effective business plan to place your business on a sound footing for startup or existing businesses.

  16. Marketing Plan

    Assisting you to decide on your marketing strategy.

  17. Strategic Planning

    Assistance in creating and development of a strategic plan for your business including identification of personal and financial short and medium term goals and an action plan to achieve them.

  18. Business Health Check

    Identification of how your business is doing and areas for improvement.

  19. Financial and Management Controls Improvement

    Advising on financial internal controls and improvements.

  20. Systems Review and Improvement

    Reviewing your systems to produce more relevant and accurate management information.

  21. Financial Training

    Helping you to operate your accounting and payroll software effectively.

  22. Board Assist

    Attendance and input at key business meetings to make your business more effective.

  23. Business Valuation

    Business valuation services for business sale, dispute resolution, litigation or succession planning.

  24. Succession Planning

    Identification of exit strategies to meet your personal and business requirements.

  25. Credit Check

    Identification of key customers and suppliers and reviewing their financial position.

  26. Shareholders Agreements

    Advising on and preparing agreements for shareholders in limited companies to formalise management and financial arrangements and dispute resolution procedures.

  27. Independent Contractors Agreements

    Preparing agreements for independent contractors to eliminate potential tax issues for your business.

These services will give you the help and information you need to build a more profitable business that will be worth more when you decide to sell or retire. They will assist you in realising your business goals.

A Chartered Accountant – never underestimate the value they add to your business!

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