We Swear Accountants Top The League

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Accountants are professional to the core but can swear better than others.

We all agree that swearing in the workplace is not uncommon.

A recent expletive UK study approached 100 companies across 14 different sectors and asked volunteers from each sector to record the number of times a staff member swore during meetings/calls over a 12-week period.

The information was then collated and compared with the accounting profession top of the rankings for the highest number of obscenities uttered during the study.

Accountancy won this prestigious accolade by a country mile, with a total of nearly 1,000 expletives enunciated at an average of 80 p.w.

This figure thrashed the least sweary sector by a factor of 17.

The exclamation most commonly spoken by accountants during the research began with an F.

And that’s not fee – even though most accountants clients use it when they see one!

Lawyers claimed second place -722 curses spoken and an average of 60 words p.w.

Charities and the voluntary sector came last with the most common curse the S-word. Not surprised!

Congratulations to all my fellow accountants for being top dogs again.

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