Tips for choosing the right printer for your business

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Even though many businesses are increasingly moving to the Cloud to manage and store their data, there is still a need for the majority of office environments to be equipped with a printer. The following are tips for choosing the right printer for your business:

1. Your business is likely to be on a tight budget and every purchase needs to be justified. You can save money by purchasing a device that will be able to perform multiple functions instead of just printing.

2. If your business is looking to cut down on the amount of paper that it uses then you might want to consider a Duplex printer. Duplex printers are clever devices that automatically print on both sides of the paper, so that at the same time you are not just reducing your environmental impact but also cutting costs and reducing the amount of paper you have to store.

3. Consider whether or not your business needs a laser or inkjet printer. Laser printers are generally a lot more expensive than an inkjet equivalent and that is because they don’t have an ink cartridge to replace every few months. Basic ink printers are extremely good value for the type of small business that will only be printing very occasionally.

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