Another Client is a Major Award Winner

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Our client Dr. Sean Haldane has been recently announced as the winner of the Arthur Ellis prize which is the Canadian Crime Writers 2014 award for Best Crime novel.

Sean’s book “The Devil’s Making: A Victorian Detective Mystery” is set in Victoria the capital of British Columbia on Vancouver Island.

This murder mystery captures the cultural and historical background of Victoria in 1869 with excellent characterisation and is a compelling read.

The book was co-published by Sean’s publishing company Rún Press which has just sold the U.S. rights.

It is Sean’s first novel even though he is a published poet since 1968 and a writer of psychology books (Emotional First Aid, Couple Dynamics) and literary studies (Donne, Hardy)

Sean grew up in Northern Ireland and practiced as a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist in Canada and the UK.

You can buy this highly recommended book at

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