The Big Switch – Will This Save You Money?

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One Big Switch launched in Ireland this month with the Big Energy Switch, a campaign to unlock group discounted electricity and gas. This national group switching campaign is the first of its kind in Ireland, and is a campaigning technique pioneered by One Big Switch globally.

Oliver Tattan, an Irish entrepreneur who has spent the best part of the last decade building businesses that drive competition and better consumer outcomes in the Irish health insurance market, brought one Big Switch to Ireland.

He saw that as the financial crisis slowly receded, Irish consumers were facing an affordability crisis, prices for households essentials were rising much faster than household income and he wants to reverse this trend.

One Big Switch is now one of the world’s largest consumer organisations, and the fastest growing consumer network in the world.

Joining is obligation-free and cost-free. You are simply joining a campaign to help unlock discounted energy offers.

How does it work?

There are three simple steps.

Step 1: You register. Registration is obligation-free and cost-free, and requires only some basic information.

Step 2: One Big Switch uses the bargaining power of a large group of possible switchers to source group discounted electricity and gas offers.

Step 3: One Big Switch forwards to you any offers we are able to negotiate, and you decide if the offer is right for you, and whether or not you want to switch.

One Big Switch members are free to use offers as leverage to shop around, or to see if they can get a better deal from their existing suppliers.

One Big Switch earns a fee from the businesses that earn customers through their campaigns. Those commissions help to fund future campaigns.

Ask your friends and family to join the campaign, because the more consumers who join the campaign, the bigger the group discounts may get.

The Big Energy Switch is a campaign for residential and small business customers. Both residential and small businesses may receive offers as a result of the campaign.

You can use this link to sign up your friends and family “One Big Switch

Hopefully this can save you money.

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