Cycle To Work Scheme

The purpose of the scheme is to encourage employees to cycle to and from work. Under the scheme an employer may provide an employee with a bicycle and safety equipment without an employee being liable for benefit in kind subject to a limit of €1,000. The scheme may be implemented under a salary sacrifice arrangement through the employee’s payroll. The full cost must be recovered within a period of twelve months or less. The employee can avail of this scheme once every five years. The bicycle and safety equipment are exempt from tax therefore the employee […]

JobPlus Scheme

With effect from 1 July 2013 the above scheme will replace the Revenue Job Assist  and Employer Job (PRSI) Exemption Scheme. The aim of the JobPlus Scheme is to encourage employers to employ long term unemployed individuals. The new incentive will be paid monthly in arrears over a 2 year period (by 24 monthly instalments) and is divided into two levels: (1)    Payment of €7,500 in respect of those who have been out of work for at least 12 months. (2)    Payment of €10,000 in respect of those who have been out of work for over […]

Introduction to Payroll

The following is a brief introduction to payroll including how to register the business and employees, how best to operate a payroll system and details of what Revenue returns are required. Registering as an Employer The first step in registering employees is to register the business as an employer. This is usually done when first registering for tax by submitting either Form TR1 (sole-traders and partnerships) or Form TR2 (companies) to the local tax district. Tax registrations are now mostly completed online using the Revenue Online Service – ROS at .   Registering an Employee When employees […]