Regarding work barbeque season, Employers need to be aware of their responsibilities at Employee Social Events

Case law has shown that the employer may be held liable for an incident that may take place at a work related social event. In order to ensure that an employer has the appropriate protection in place it is important that the following items are in place: A clear and well publicised policy in place with regard to bullying, harassment and sexual harassment Make sure that employees are aware that they may be subject to disciplinary action for inappropriate conduct at any work related social event Managers should be trained in how to deal with unacceptable […]

Can an employee work from home while on certified sick leave?

      On the face of it the answer to this would normally be no.   If an employee is medically certified as sick then they should not be working for health and safety reasons and working from home is no exception.   However, employers can consider having the employee medically assessed to determine as to what extent the sickness or injury affects their ability to work.   If the only reason they cannot work is because they cannot travel to work then working from home may be an option.   However, Employers need to […]

Local Property Tax – Employers Responsibility

The Local Property Tax (LPT) deadline for filing paper returns has now passed and individuals liable to the LPT have until 28 May 2013 to file the LPT return electronically. When filing the return the Revenue gives property owners the option to pay their LPT for 2013 in one single payment or to phase their payments over the period from July to December 2013. One of the phased payment options being made available is the deduction at source from salary or occupational pension. Therefore employers will be required to make this facility available to their employees from […]

New Minimum Wage €7.65 per hour (Update €8.65 from 1 July 2011).

As you may be aware, the minimum wage for experienced adult workers will reduce to €7.65 per hour on 1 February 2011. An experienced adult worker is an employee who has any work experience in any two years after turning the age of 18. Employees currently on minimum wage The wage rate forms part of an employee’s terms and conditions of employment. Therefore an employer cannot reduce an employee’s wage rate from €8.65 to the new minimum wage rate of €7.65 unless the employee agrees to the change. If an employer does change the pay rate […]