Taxation of Maternity Benefit

From July 2013 maternity benefit is to be harmonised with other benefits. From 1 July 2013 income tax will apply to maternity benefit payments. No USC or PRSI is applicable to maternity benefit payments. Note that this applies to employee’s on 1st July 2013 even if they have been receiving maternity benefit prior to this date. PDF

Employer Job Incentive Scheme

If you are an employer you can save money while giving to the community by creating a job. In fact, we had one lucky client who will save €3,225 over the next 18 months. Read on….. The Employer Job (PRSI) Incentive Scheme exempts employers from liability to pay their share of PRSI for certain employees. The scheme is open to employers who create new and additional jobs.To qualify for the Scheme both the job you create and the person you employ must meet certain criteria. If you qualify for the scheme you will be exempt from […]

Tax Reminder: P35 Submission

The Revenue Online Service (ROS) will not accept a 2012 P35 Annual Return containing a negative USC amount if filed prior to Jan 28 2013. Negative USC can occur when employees receive USC refunds. Therefore a P35 with a negative USC amount must be filed between Jan 28 and Feb15 2013 which is the final deadline date. It appears that you cannot print a p45 if you are unfortunate enough to have an apostrophe in your surname! You have been warned! PDF

Introduction to Payroll

The following is a brief introduction to payroll including how to register the business and employees, how best to operate a payroll system and details of what Revenue returns are required. Registering as an Employer The first step in registering employees is to register the business as an employer. This is usually done when first registering for tax by submitting either Form TR1 (sole-traders and partnerships) or Form TR2 (companies) to the local tax district. Tax registrations are now mostly completed online using the Revenue Online Service – ROS at .   Registering an Employee When employees […]