Structured To Do Lists

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In business, time is precious and it is easy for us to waste it or complain that there is simply not enough of it!

The key ingredient to optimising our time is planning. By realistically looking at our schedule, and making a time managed “To Do List”, we can actually save time.

With a time plan we can quickly see where we are losing hours and minutes on tasks which we would have budgeted less time for. We can then address where and how this time is lost.

Structured plans help to keep us focused on what needs to be done throughout the day, this minimises time wasted pondering where to start or what to do next.

By breaking large tasks down into smaller portions it can also help to make a stressful project more manageable and can provide a sense of accomplishment once we can tick the smaller portions off the list. This also helps to keep us on track time wise as we have clear goals on the project and are more likely to stay focused and positive.

While it may seem hard to take time out to plan your day when you feel under time pressure, in the end it is a worthwhile exercise that can save us in the long run.

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