Steve Jobs Can Grow Your Business

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5 Proven Growth Strategies To Grow Your Business

It is undeniable that Steve Jobs was a business genius. He twice made Apple great and it isn’t doing so badly today even though he is no longer with us.

When he came back to Apple he famously cut products from their offering and the company soon became profitable again.

He said that focusing is about saying No to ideas/things/products as opposed to saying yes. The more you can say no to, focusing on the important parts that matter, the more likely you are to be successful.

Which is why I tell you that to have a great business which grows month after month is usually only about focusing on two to four marketing tactics that you use consistently!

That is all, two to four, coupled with consistency can grow most businesses to any size that they desire.

However, it is vital that these four are ‘attraction marketing’ methods. Talking to prospects who have shown interest in your services or are currently looking for your services.

Email marketing firmly fits into this camp. To me it is absolutely vital in terms of engaging with current prospects and converting them into clients.

Do you want to know a secret for subject lines?

You have just had the first one: Celebrities!

When you can link famous quotes from celebrities to the service or advice that you provide, you will almost always see a spike in your email open rates.

Seeing as email marketing is all about engaging with your email subscribers, getting them to open your email is a very important part of this process.

Using celebrities in your email subject line, when you can clearly link the quote to the topic of your choice is a great way of ensuring that more of your emails are opened and read.

Many thanks to Nick Jervis in the UK for sharing this with me …. And you!

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