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Keep calm it'l be grand

If you are arriving in Ireland and starting employment here for the first time you must apply for a Personal Public Service (PPS) number with the Department of Social Protection by either:


  1. Completing Form REG 1 (Application for PPS No.) and sending it to us with a copy of your current valid passport / national identity card or your birth certificate together with evidence of your Irish residency and recent work history. We will then forward this documentation to the Social Welfare office for you and arrange your PPS number.


  1. Calling in person to any Social Welfare Office and completing Form REG 1. You must have the documentary evidence noted above.


You will be notified of your PPS number by the issue of a letter of notification to the address given on the application form. You should notify your employer of your PPS number once you have received it.


You must complete and file with the Revenue Commissioners Form 12A to get your tax credits. You need your employer’s registered number and trading name as the trading name and the actual business name may differ. The Revenue will then send you your certificates of tax credits and cut-off points and will also issue one to your employer so that the correct deductions can be made from your salary.


Your PPS number is an important identifier. You should take care that the number is used only by you. Misuse of your number may result in additional tax liabilities or a loss of entitlement to Social Welfare benefits.


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