Slow Down and Stop Making Mistakes

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5 SME mistakes

Over the years I have found if I rush my work I am prone to making silly mistakes.

So I slow down and review what I have done to make sure it looks right.

A quick test for you:

You have just five seconds to answer these simple questions:

  1. What do cows drink?
  2. What’s the opposite of ‘not in’?
  3. How much dirt is in a hole measuring two metres squared, and three metres deep?
  4. What weighs more – a ton of concrete or a ton of feathers?
  5. How many of each animal did Moses take onto the Ark?

Time’s over.

And the answers:

  1. Water, not milk
  2. ‘In’, not ‘out’
  3. None – it’s an empty hole
  4. The same – they weigh a ton each
  5. He didn’t. It was Noah.

How many did you get correct?

Not all I’d guess because you were rushing.

So slow down.

A final 10 second test to see if you have slowed down enough

How many letter Fs are in this sentence …  Fifty florins for a flagon of fluff Fred?

How many did you see? Five or Six?

There are ten.

So slow down more and get it right first time.


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