Revolut for Self-Employed

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Revolut has launched a business account designed for self-employed people to help manage their financial affairs.

Revolut Pro, provides a dedicated IBAN and 1 per cent cashback debit card and enables multi-currency payment acceptance using QR codes, payment links and invoice templates.

It has no monthly fees and no deposit or balance requirements.

Revolut Pro is similar to the existing “Revolut Business” product. The difference is that Revolut Pro is accessed through your existing Revolut Personal account via Revolut retail app, whereas the Revolut Business product is a separate account that you access through the Revolut Business app and platform.

You can open a Revolut Pro account if you:

  • have a Revolut Personal account;
  • are a self-employed natural person (not a company);
  • will only use your Revolut Pro account for business purposes; and
  • pass onboarding checks.

Revolut said this account might be suitable for a business that requires more sophisticated services than those within consumer bank accounts but cannot afford nor do not require the complexity of a full bank account.

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