Registration of non EEA Company Branch

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In order to register a Branch of a non EEA company with the CRO the following documentation is required:

  • A certified and authenticated copy of the Constitution of the company. 
  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and copies of any certificates of incorporation on change of company name if applicable.
  • A copy of the latest Financial Statements.
  • A certified translation of all documents not produced in English must accompany the original language document.  They must be certified to be a correct translation by an Irish diplomatic or consular officer or by any person whom the officer can certify is competent to translate it.
  • Completed CRO Form F13.

In addition to the above the company must have a place of business in Ireland.  It must also have an individual or entity resident in Ireland who is properly authorised to represent the overseas company and to be the individual or entity resident in the State authorised to accept service of process on behalf of the Branch and any notices required to be served on the Branch and to be responsible for ensuring the compliance of the Branch in accordance with EU Regulations and Irish legislation.

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