Recruitment Agency License Application

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For a recruitment agency license application, under the Employment Agency Act, 1971, you must provide:

  1. A published notice in a specified national daily newspaper of your intention to apply for a licence.
  2. A completed statutory Application Form.
  3. A Garda vetting invitation form for an e-vetting application.
  4. References from two independent and unrelated referees who are resident in Ireland.
  5. Proof of identity – a copy of your passport or driving licence.
  6. A self-certified statement that the place of business meets the standards that are prescribed by legislation.
  7. A copy of a Business Name Registration or a company’s Certificate of Incorporation.
  8. A Statement of Fees to be charged to employers.

If the directors were born outside the EEA, a copy of either EU passports or photocopies of Irish residency cards are also required.

The application takes about 2/3 weeks, after the Garda vetting application has been approved, to issue a license.

The cost is €500 and the license is valid for one year.

It is illegal to charge a job-seeker a fee solely for agreeing to seek employment under the Act but you can set your employer fees at whatever rate you choose.

It is an offence for an employment agency to carry on business without a license. The fine does not exceed €2500 and €1000 per day for a continuing offence.

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