Powerpoint – How to keep track of time

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Would you like to see the time in the corner of every PowerPoint slide so that you don’t have to check your watch during a presentation?

I came across this tip recently which you may find useful.

It varies slightly with different versions of PowerPoint, but the concepts are the same:

  • Click the Insert tab at the top
  • Click the “Text Box” in the middle
  • Click the place on the slide where you want the time to go
  • Click the Insert tab at the top again
  • Click the “Date & Time” in the middle
  • Choose one of the formats at the bottom
  • Click the checkbox “Update automatically”

That box will now contain the current time as you are doing the PowerPoint slideshow.

A few other helpful tips:

  • It doesn’t always work as there are some random times when it won’t update
  • You can change the font, size or colour of the text box using standard PowerPoint techniques
  • You can copy it from one slide and paste it to another, and it will work on the new slide
  • If you put it in slide master, it will show up on every new slide.

Hope you find this useful.


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