PAYE Exclusion Order

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PAYE Modernisation

If an employee is going to work outside Ireland, an Irish employer may not need to deduct tax in Ireland if a PAYE Exclusion Order (PEO) is issued by Revenue.

An application for a PEO can be made if all of the following apply:

  • It is made by an Irish employer
  • The employee carries out all of the duties of their employment abroad
  • The employee will be non-resident in Ireland for tax purposes during the tax year.

An employee may perform incidental duties of up to 30 days per year in Ireland and still qualify.

The PEO will authorise you to not deduct PAYE or Universal Social Charge from salary payments to an employee.

But you may still have to deduct employee PRSI and also pay employer PRSI.

Payroll submissions should include any PRSI deducted with the PRSI class and the number of insurable weeks.

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