Income from Childminding

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The Revenue have issued a reminder in their ebriefing dated 5 March 2014 that where an individual is in receipt of income from childcare services, they must declare their income, even if earnings fall below the tax threshold or they are entitled to an exemption (normally €15,000).This means that childminders may need to register for self-assessment and submit a tax return even if they have no other income.childminding

There is specific relief available to childminders once certain conditions are satisfied and the childminding income (not profit) does not exceed €15,000 in a tax year. If the income exceeds €15,000 no relief is available under this provision even if they have no other income.

In short if you are intending to claim this childminders relief, you need to meet Revenue’s rules for self assessment and register for tax purposes.

By issuing this e-brief it suggests that Revenue will be specifically focusing on this area with individuals.

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