How to Save on Printing Costs

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Very simply just use compatible ink and toner cartridges.

For over the past two years we have used compatible cartridges and have experienced no problems or loss of quality with our printed materials.

The price differences can be substantial.

For personal printers the ink cartridge costs us €5 whereas the average shop price is about €11 – 120% higher.

For shared printers the toner cartridge costs us €80 whereas the average shop price is about €210 –210% higher.

The above comparisons exclude VAT.

Feel free to call John Lane of JDC Media Europe Limited on (083) 1003057 to see how he can help you to lower your printing costs.

He only works with leading manufacturers of compatible toner and ink cartridges with manufacturing excellence, product expertise and a global presence.

Tell him we sent you!

2 thoughts on “How to Save on Printing Costs

  1. Hi Seamus,

    I have tried to use compatible cartridges in the past, but find on some machines that you will keep getting error messages stating that ‘this is not a compatible cartridge’. However I have been saving up my old empty ones and am going to try the refill method. Anybody tried these out yet ?.

  2. I had same problem but when I contacted the supplier I was not inserting the cartriges/toner correctly and once I changed the all units with the compatibal cartridges together at same time it was perfect and have been saving money since.


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