How To Approach Business Meetings

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It can be difficult to get the most out of business meetings. When you are busy they can feel like an additional time pressure you could do without and at other times they can be frustrating and leave you feeling like nothing has been accomplished.

Below is a list of ways to ensure your meeting is efficient and productive:

  1. Start and finish on time – if needs be appoint someone to keep an eye on the time. A lot of business meeting can run a lot longer due to time wasted simply waiting around for the meeting to start or continue.



  1. Have a clear objective and outcome – know going into the meeting what you wish to achieve and ensure all participants are on the same page.


  1. Set an agenda – and ensure it is stuck to. This will mean the meeting does not veer off course. Be sure to include any additional items at the end so any interruptions or questions can be answered efficiently in one go.


  1. Only hold a meeting if this is the most efficient use of your time. If the queries can be resolved quickly by phone or email use this instead.


  1. Only invite people who have reason to attend or will contribute to the final outcome.


  1. Encourage all who attend to participate by asking everyone for their comments and feedback throughout.


  1. Follow up after the meeting by keeping note on what is to done and ensuring everyone sticks to this.

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