Four-day work week

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We have now moved to a four-day work week.

The introduction of this new flexible working policy comes as part of our continued investment in the firm, with employees experiencing no loss of benefits while reducing the number of hours worked.

The policy will offer team members increased flexibility, and rather than moving five days of work into four, it will reduce hours worked by reducing the workload through the offloading of unproductive tasks and empowering employees to work smarter with new tools and strategies that will be made available to them.

It is intended to increase efficiency, productivity, health and happiness for all staff.

We will empower individuals to make better choices, and will be implementing strategies that can maintain and even improve productivity. Some of these very simple steps will include reducing the amount of time spent on unnecessary meetings and prioritising tasks, but we will also be making training available to our employees to assist them with setting goals and time management for example.

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