Expert Business People to Avoid

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Jim Connolly, the marketing expert, advised recently that there are certain people you need to avoid.

Some are easy to spot

  • The web designer, whose website looks ugly.
  • The marketing expert, who has to attend networking groups because their marketing doesn’t work.
  • The guru, who claims to be in demand, yet offers free consultations.
  • The copywriter, whose content is uninspiring. 

Others are harder to spot

  • The strategist, whose own strategy isn’t working.
  • The accountant, who understands the numbers but can’t express what they mean to your business.
  • The PR person, whose own PR doesn’t create any meaningful buzz.
  • The marketing expert, who baffles you with buzzwords to hide their lack of knowledge and experience.
  • The business coach, who has never built a successful business.

Here’s the thing: With a slick website and some testimonials [fake or otherwise], anyone can claim to be an expert in anything.

So, before you hire the services of an expert, ask them to back up their claims.

The cost of bad business advice is far, far higher than the initial cost of that advice.

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