Downloadable Forms

You will find below the most common forms supplied by the Revenue Commissioners and the Companies Registration Office.

Revenue Commissioners

Agent link notification

Form TR1 Taxes registration for individual/partnership

Form TR2 Taxes registration for limited company

Form 12A Application for certificate of tax credits and standard rate cut-off point

Form11 Income tax return 2009 for individuals (self – assessment)

Form 12 Income tax return 2009 for employers, pensioners and non-proprietary directors

Form P46 Application for new employee tax credit certificate or tax deduction card

Form CG7 Direct debit mandate for VAT and PAYE

Form CT1 Corporation tax return 2010

Form P33 Application for registration as a principal contractor for RCT

Form RCT1 Principal contractor/subcontractor declaration

Form RCT5 C2 application by subcontractor for certificate of authorisation

Form RCT46 Application for a relevant payments card

Form RCT48 RCT tax deduction card

Companies Registration Office

Form B1 Annual return

Form B2 Change in registered office address

Form B5 Allotment of shares

Form B10 Change in directors or secretary

Form G1 Special resolution

Form G2 Ordinary resolution

Form RBN1 Registration of business name (individual)

Form RBN1B Registration of business name (limited company)


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