Do nothing — it makes complete sense.

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In a recent TED video Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, outlined his idea on how to refresh your mind that just takes 10 minutes every day.


The pace of modern business life has adversely affected our ability to focus on our current task and  also increased stress levels that can be intolerable from time to time.


Puddicombe’s solution is very simple: DO NOTHING.


He recommends setting aside 10 minutes each day to calm your mind.


Practise observing thoughts and anxieties without passing judgment, just simply experience them.


Focus on the present moment and nothing else. This should help your mind to recalibrate.


Refresh your mind


If your like us and are not lucky enough to be set in serene setting as illustrated above, we came across a great website that may help with this


Try it and let us know how you got on by getting in touch on Twitter or Facebook. It works for me.

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