Local Enterprise Office Marketing Grants

Is your website looking dated, doesn’t work properly on mobile phones and is generating little or no revenue for your business? If so, why not avail of a Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Trading Online Voucher (TOV) to give your online business a kick-start. If you want a new website or to redevelop an existing site you could be eligible for a grant of up to €2,500 (50% of the development costs) to overhaul your website and get it working for you. A TOV offers small businesses and retailers the opportunity to apply for match funding to […]

5 Ways To Generate More Potential Customers

5 tips for getting new customers

Often a business will rely on just one or two ways to generate leads; perhaps using traditional newspaper advertising and having a website. It’s likely that whatever you are using works or you wouldn’t be using it. There can, however, be a number of ways to reach your potential customers. And the best ways to reach them changes over time. This means it’s good to periodically review your methods and try new ones. Then when you find something that brings some results, milk it for all it’s worth! For instance, here’s 5 simple ideas to get […]

Are You Targeting Your Market?

Where do your customers come from? Do you know? Often it can seem quite random. The nature of running a business is such that you will go through periods of feast and famine. In a bid to try and beat the ups and downs most will try to be all things to all men. The thinking is that if you spread your net far and wide you stand the best chance of catching a prospect somewhere. But is there a problem with doing that? Yes, the problem is that this approach requires a lot of patience. […]

15 Marketing Tips for Business

    1.Set daily marketing actions. 2.Get testimonials and use them. 3.Ask for referrals immediately after a great performance. 4.Always carry business cards. 5.Treat mistakes as opportunities. 6.WOW existing customers. 7.Network always everywhere. 8.Contact ex customers. 9.Market a new product/service to existing customers. 10.Analyse what is working and do more of it. 11.Surprise your best customers. 12.Sell an additional product/service when a sale is made. 13.Link up with non-competing businesses with similar clients. 14.Send regular emails to clients and prospects. 15.Set specific exclusive offers (e.g. Solicitors, Farmers, Restaurants). PDF

Quick Daily Marketing Ideas

Ric Willmott the Australian business consultant and author advises that you should: “Every day engage in marketing activity to attract potential clients to you and your offerings. Invest 20-40 minutes every day and the momentum will build that it actually becomes harder to stop than to continue. What can you do? Send a handwritten note to a client. Take an existing client to coffee to talk about them — not you. Give a referral to an existing client or a colleague. Ask for a referral. Ask for a testimonial. Write and disseminate a press release. Write […]

How A Website Can Benefit Even The Smallest Of Businesses

For even the smallest of businesses a website is a great investment. One of the biggest advantages a website can bring to a small company is its ability to attract new customers. Having a good business website properly listed on Google maps along with being linked in with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can create a real web presence for your business.  However getting visitors to your site is only the first step in getting more customers. To convert visitors to customers your website needs to be appealing, relevant and professional. How a website makes your business […]

How To Arrange Meetings With Strangers Too Busy To Meet You

I recently agreed with a client to introduce him to contacts of mine who are extremely busy and highly experienced businessmen. The purpose of the introduction was for my client to meet with them with a view to him getting advice and picking their brains about an exciting project he is currently developing. Luckily I was able to set up the meetings as my contacts were keen to pass on their knowledge and accumulated wisdom. In fact from my experience most people are open to these type of meetings. But is there a better way? Why […]

Grasp the Nettle – Social Media Advertising

Advertising (including networking) is a vital component of any business.   And in many cases it may often be the first time a consumer is introduced to your business.   In recent years, businesses are beginning to move away from the traditional forms of advertising as a result of the growth of social media networks.   Many business owners who have set up social media campaigns would agree that their online campaigns have contributed significantly to increased website traffic.   If you are considering delving into the social media world it may seem daunting. However once […]

Improve it NOW!

A powerful website can attract new business. Again. And again. And again….. So is it not worth  time and investment? Of course it is! So… Take the time now to review your site and improve it NOW. A website is a powerful sales tool which allows you to address your customers’ concerns, give them the information they need to make a decision and create compelling calls to action. Your website is where people can go to seek out information about your company and engage with you on a more personal level. Use it to build confidence […]