How Do You Build Your Brand And Your Sales Success On Substance, Not Spin?



If you’re at a barbeque and the taste of sausages isn’t good as the promise of the sizzle would you go back for more?

How does this apply to world of branding?

You’d be right to be sceptical or even ‘roll-your-eyes’ cynical about the world of branding.

You’d be right because so much marketing money, time and effort gets wasted by too many businesses.

Understandably the branding world is obsessed with marketing sizzle. But marketing sizzle just isn’t enough.

Marketing sizzle – logo change, corporate colour change, website change and more – can all be for nothing if your core offer fails to appeal to your customers.

So how do you know if your core offer is strong enough? How do you know you’re spending your marketing money, time and effort wisely.

In this edition of Business Bitesize learn…

  • why marketing sizzle on its own just doesn’t work and
  • how to make your core offer stronger so that you make your business more relevant to your customers and different to your competition.

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