Are Your Staff Helping Your Business To Grow?

It pays to take your annual staff appraisal or performance review process seriously. Probably more seriously than you do now.

Your business approach to appraisals can unlock greater success in your business because it can unlock greater performance from your people.

However, most appraisals don’t result in higher levels of energy and motivation. This is a problem because a motivated team of people, an improving team of people, a more energised team of people can transform the results of your business. But a demotivated, ‘can’t-be-bothered’ team will undermine the future success of your business.

As a business you must:

STOP: treating annual or bi-annual appraisals as a necessary evil you’d prefer not to do.

START: by seeing appraisals as a critical moment of opportunity for each of your team members and for your business as a whole.

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