A Unique Wedding Gift/Idea!! from Joerg Micansky

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Through his  websitehttps://www.uniqueweddingsong.com/our client Joerg Micansky offers to write, produce and record customised songs for couples on their wedding day. He also has a song store with a selection of beautiful songs which he has written for couples to play at their wedding ceremony or reception.

Check it out and pass on the link to anyone who you think might like this – I think every bride to be will love it!

Joerg writes and produces all the songs at uniqueweddingsong.com together with a team of celebrated lyricists from all over the world. His co-writers include Enda Cullen, Ken Hayes, Geraldine Mangan, Charlie Mason, John O’Brien, Dominic O’Sullivan – to name a few.

The aim to craft dream pieces which encapsulate the unique magic of a couple’s life together and their celebration of that life on their wedding day. He writes and produces to the clients’ requirements and to the highest possible production standard.

Joerg’s skillful, dynamic song writing and production standards offer the entire end-to-end service. Drawing from his classical music training and years developing and fine-tuning his skills, his song writing process is sharp and clear, rooted in years of extensive analysis of songs of every genre. He crafts songs which can be adapted by performers across a diverse range of styles.


Let Joerg make a special day even more special and unique.            https://www.uniqueweddingsong.com/

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