A Guide To Reopening Your Business After Covid-19

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As the economy begins to open up following the global pandemic, employers must put measures into place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace. Read on to find some useful information about what to do.

Preventing Risk To Workers

Before returning to work, employers must issue employees with a pre-return to work form which seeks confirmation that the employee has currently no symptoms of the Coronavirus. An employer must also provide you with an induction training which is up to-date with the guidelines and advice on public health.

Physical Distancing

While we have gotten used to the concept of social distancing, it is vital that we all still practice this to prevent the spread of the virus. Planning your workplace that enables social distancing and minimises overcrowding is essential as we begin to return to work.

Staggered work hours and teams, remodelling the office to create more space and enabling people to keep apart, investing in protective equipment such as perspex screens must now be considered to protect your staff.

Practice Good Hygiene

As always everyone is asked to practice good hygiene which is essential in stopping the spread of Covid-19. Employers must ensure employees are regularly washing their hands, particularly after coughing or sneezing, before or after sneezing, before and after being on public transport, after using the bathroom or when arriving and leaving the workplace.

Everyone is advised to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth and to not share any objects with another individual such as pens.

Customer Facing Roles

Aside from ensuring physical distancing and good hand hygiene, employers must eliminate the interaction between employees and customers where possible. Implementing a no hand shaking policy, contactless delivery for couriers, providing hand sanitizers on the entry/exit doors and installing clear visible markings to ensure contact between workers and customers is kept to a bare minimum.

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