5 Ways To Generate More Potential Customers

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5 tips for getting new customers

Often a business will rely on just one or two ways to generate leads; perhaps using traditional newspaper advertising and having a website.

It’s likely that whatever you are using works or you wouldn’t be using it.

There can, however, be a number of ways to reach your potential customers. And the best ways to reach them changes over time.

This means it’s good to periodically review your methods and try new ones. Then when you find something that brings some results, milk it for all it’s worth!

For instance, here’s 5 simple ideas to get you started.

1. Trade or hobby journal advertising

Are there any trades or hobbies that your business makes a good supplier for? Think outside the box. Perhaps there are potential trades or interests that you could specifically target.

An advert in a trade or hobby journal puts you directly in front of your target audience and already suggests a degree of specialism and trustworthiness to them.

2. Changing your trading/opening times

Are your opening hours the best hours for your potential customers?

If some or many of your target market work 9 to 5, then having 9 to 5 opening hours may prevent them from using you. Could you increase your customer base by opening early mornings or later in the evenings?

3. Signwriting

Could you put a sign on your vehicle? This allows you to promote your business while you go about your daily activities with no effort on your part.

4. Google advertising

Could you generate more visits to your website?

Google’s pay-per-click advertising means that for certain phrases you would be promoted in the search engine window.

Also consider investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which will help your website appear at or near the top of search listings.

5. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a low-cost and unpressured way of staying in touch with potential and existing customers.

You can explain your products and services and promote special offers. When done right, this can result in extra sales from existing customers as well as new sales from prospective ones.

Services like Constant Contact and MailChimp allow you to manage email addresses and send out mailings to all your subscribers.

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