10 Ways to Reduce Utility Costs

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Significant savings can be made if you examine your utility usage and costs. Cost reduction ideas include:

  1. Offer incentives to staff for energy saving ideas
  2. Reduce the temperature setting on thermostats over the winter months and with air conditioning increase during the summer months.
  3. Install time clocks to control lighting, air conditioning and heating systems.
  4. Have staff power off computers when they leave their desks by using a specially installed off/on button.
  5. Have staff turn off fluorescent lights when they leave a room for more than 15 minutes and incandescent lights if gone for more than 3 minutes.
  6. Have employees turn off all equipment at the end of every day which will save power and extend equipment life.
  7. Replace standard fluorescent and incandescent lights with high efficiency fluorescent lights which give the same light output but at significantly reduced cost.
  8. Wherever possible reduce bulb wattage.
  9. Bring lighting down to appropriate levels in south facing offices and lesser used rooms including storage and common areas.
  10. Appoint a specialist to review your utility bills.

Please call me on 021-4310266 if you want assistance or a referral to a specialist who can help you reduce your costs.

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