9 Quick Tips For Motivating Your Employees

Motivating employees can often seem like a dark art. While you might hope that providing someone with a job and regular pay should be enough, it often isn’t. The continual changes forced on us by the turbulent times we live in can severely affect morale, and with it productivity nosedives. On the other hand with motivated employees, productivity, quality and service all go up. How can you motivate your employees? 1. Read about motivation Before you start it’s a good idea to read the experts. People are motivated in different ways and by different things. So […]

How Delegating Can Help You Live a Better Life

You may have gone into business because you like being in control of everything. You’re probably doing things you know you do well yourself, and you get a strong sense of satisfaction from that. But, if you want to keep your sanity in a growing business and live a better life then it’s vital to learn how to delegate to your employees. Why is it so difficult to delegate? There are many reasons. Perhaps: It seems quicker to do a task yourself than explain it to someone else and then have to spend time correcting the […]

Small Businesses Benefit From Interest Rate Cut

From 1 July 2016, Microfinance Ireland is offering a 1% cut in its interest rates on loans to small businesses. Microfinance Ireland (MFI) was set up in 2012 as a not-for-profit lender designated to deliver the Government’s Microenterprise Loan Fund. MFI provides “micro-enterprises” with access to loan finance of between €2,000 and €25,000. This can be a helpful option to businesses in getting finance. What is a micro-enterprise? A micro-enterprise is any business with less than 10 employees and an annual turnover of less than €2M. MFI will consider applications from start-up as well as established […]

How to Retire and Smoothly Exit Your Business

More than likely your business is highly dependent on you. Perhaps it’s your skills or your drive and ambition that make your business a success. But now you’re coming up to retirement age or maybe you’re thinking of leaving the business for different reasons. How can you smoothly exit your business? The answer is to plan carefully. This is often called succession planning. What is succession planning? It’s a plan to determine and develop the person(s) who will take over from you in running the business. What are your options? Your options can usually be boiled […]

What Does Brexit Mean For Your Business?

In the wake of the UK’s EU referendum results there is a large degree of worry and uncertainty about Brexit. If you have trading links with the UK you may be wondering how you will be affected. Further complicating matters is that although the UK have not given their 2-year notice at the time of writing – and so nothing has actually changed yet – worry has spread through investors and created volatility in the various markets. The important thing is to put aside any political views that you have. Rather, view this as simply another […]

What You Need to Know If You’re Overseas and Thinking of Forming a Company in Ireland?

The economy in Ireland is recovering well from the 2008 crash. And as a result, Ireland is attracting significant foreign investment. If you’re overseas and thinking of forming a company in Ireland, what do you need to know? Getting a registered office address You can go through the legal process of setting up a company in Ireland from anywhere in the world provided that you can supply a registered office address in Ireland. The registered office address is the legal address for the company. Many company formation specialists can provide a temporary registered office address to […]

Tax Refunds to Be Made Electronically

Revenue recently announced that they will only be using electronic payment methods to make tax refunds. They have already been doing this in the case of Corporation Tax and VAT, but this is now being expanded to the following areas: Income Tax Employers PAYE/PRSI Relevant Contracts Tax Customs & Excise Duties Vehicle Registration Tax Capital Gains Tax Excise Licence Capital Acquisitions Tax Professional Services Withholding Tax Environmental Levy Dividend Withholding Tax Betting Duty The change is in line with the Tax Returns and Payments (Mandatory Electronic Repayment) Regulations 2016. These regulations stipulate that after 3 May […]

How to get a PPS number

If you have a job offer or are thinking of moving to Ireland to work you’ll soon become aware of the importance of having a PPS number. The tax system in Ireland works by taxing your entire income at particular rates. You need to apply for credits that will reduce the amount of tax deducted. To do this, when you start your first job in Ireland you’ll need to complete and sign a Form 12A (available from revenue.ie). But, in order to have the form accepted by Revenue you’ll need to have a PPS number. A […]

Business Management – A Fundamental Strategy for Improving Your Cashflow

Holding cash is much like trying to hold sand. It keeps pouring through your fingers and the tighter you try to hold it the less you manage to keep. However, when it comes to cash if you’re alert to ways that you manage the flow of it in your business then you can certainly improve the situation. A fundamental strategy that will help you to do this is to… Measure Your Cash Needs If you’re going to improve cashflow then you need to know how cash is flowing through your business. The only way you can […]

Business Management – Accounting In The Cloud

Over recent years as internet speeds and reliability have increased, we’ve all seen a big move towards storing things in the ‘cloud’. Music cloud Think about music. Now instead of buying music in a physical format and building up a collection over time, we pay a monthly fee and stream our music from a supplier. Why? Because it’s more convenient and we get immediate access to a vast library of music that we can access any time from our phone, tablet and computer. Video cloud Or what about video and television? Now we can subscribe to […]

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