Analyse And Improve Your Business With Financial Ratios

Ratios measure the relationship between two or more figures in the financial statements. They are used most effectively when results over a number of periods or years are compared. You will see trends or inconsistencies that might need to be addressed. The following are the main financial ratios to measure the financial health of a business. Leverage ratios 1. Debt-to-equity ratio • Total liabilities/Shareholders’ equity Measures how much debt a business is carrying as compared to the amount invested by its owners. This indicator is closely watched by banks as a measure of a business’s capacity […]

Take A Break!

According to Harvard Business Review new research indicates taking a break can be a crucial step to having more ideas. A possible explanation for is that when you work on a problem continuously, you can become fixated on previous solutions. By taking a break from the problem and focusing on something else entirely you give your mind some time to release its fixation on the same solutions and let the old pathways fade from memory. Then, when you return to the original problem, your mind is more open to new possibilities. So the next time you […]

One of the Biggest Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

  One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is not talking enough with their accountants, according to a new survey in the U.S. The survey, by the accounting software developer Xero, polled a group of accountants, some of whom use the software and some who don’t. When asked what is the most common mistake small business owners make when it comes to their finances, 32 percent said it was only talking to their accountant during tax time (up from 25 percent last year and 18 percent in 2012), 20 percent said it was a […]

Quick Daily Marketing Ideas

Ric Willmott the Australian business consultant and author advises that you should: “Every day engage in marketing activity to attract potential clients to you and your offerings. Invest 20-40 minutes every day and the momentum will build that it actually becomes harder to stop than to continue. What can you do? Send a handwritten note to a client. Take an existing client to coffee to talk about them — not you. Give a referral to an existing client or a colleague. Ask for a referral. Ask for a testimonial. Write and disseminate a press release. Write […]

The Big Switch – Will This Save You Money?

One Big Switch launched in Ireland this month with the Big Energy Switch, a campaign to unlock group discounted electricity and gas. This national group switching campaign is the first of its kind in Ireland, and is a campaigning technique pioneered by One Big Switch globally. Oliver Tattan, an Irish entrepreneur who has spent the best part of the last decade building businesses that drive competition and better consumer outcomes in the Irish health insurance market, brought one Big Switch to Ireland. He saw that as the financial crisis slowly receded, Irish consumers were facing an affordability crisis, […]

Latest Email Scam

Please be aware of fraudulent emails purporting to come from the Revenue Commissioners. The emails are seeking personal information from taxpayers in relation to a tax refund. These fraudulent emails are headed “Notice of Tax Return” and could potentially look something like this: “Dear Sir / Madam, I am sending this email to announce: After the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax return of: EUR 371.91 To receive your return, you need to create a Government gateway account.  Please download and complete the attached […]

Effective Listening Techniques

The wide range of social media tools available to us, now more than ever, has redefined our understanding of communication, particularly in business. While such contemporary methods of communication have provided us with a new platform to operate from they have also, arguably, subverted some of the fundamentals of basic communication.   Listening is key to effective communication. In business listening can result in increased client satisfaction, greater staff productivity, fewer errors and a sharing environment conducive to innovative problem solving.   Dianne Schilling in an article for Forbes offers the following simple techniques to improve […]

How You Benefit From Your Accountant Putting You to Sleep — Again!

We all agree that we are not getting enough sleep. In my younger days I was a great believer in cat napping at lunchtime for 15/20 minutes. It is now known as power napping. I found that taking a timeout to sleep during the day gave a quick energy boost. Research now shows that it also has cognitive and health advantages. Studies are showing that naps can restore our attention, the quality of our work, while also helping us reduce our mistakes. It also improves our ability to learn while on the job. Power naps can […]

Powerpoint – How to keep track of time

Would you like to see the time in the corner of every PowerPoint slide so that you don’t have to check your watch during a presentation? I came across this tip recently which you may find useful. It varies slightly with different versions of PowerPoint, but the concepts are the same: Click the Insert tab at the top Click the “Text Box” in the middle Click the place on the slide where you want the time to go Click the Insert tab at the top again Click the “Date & Time” in the middle Choose one […]

Book Summary – Currencies That Buy Credibility

Tom Wanek in his book “Currencies that buy Credibility” (2009) teaches the six currencies that you can invest in to purchase credibility in the market place to drive more traffic, sales and word of mouth business. The 2008 Edelman Trust Barometer says “that most ads today lack believability” and that companies would be wise to pay more attention to fostering trust in advance with their customers as trust can serve as a catalyst for company growth. Neurologists have discovered that humans are uniquely gifted to detect and respond to trust in other humans. We use these […]

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