Difficult conversations should never undermine the success of your business…

It’s easy
to avoid a conversation with a key employee about their falling results.

It’s easy to drift into deeper debt by not discussing outstanding invoices with a large and important customer.

Should you deal with it or should you drop it?

These problems rarely go away by themselves, so difficult conversations are vital.

They are a necessary aspect of running a successful business, yet many avoid them.

Successful resolution is likely when you initially get clear on the purpose of the conversation.

Your purpose of these conversations should be to seek out the three truths; their truth, your truth, and the truth that moves you both towards resolving the issue or conflict.

In this edition of Business Bitesize you’ll learn…

  • 3 transformational skills that will change disagreement from a drag on your business performance to a driver for competitive advantage.
  • 4 helpful steps to making the leap from difficult conversations to constructive conversations.

Are you ready to transform difficult conversations into opportunities to learn and make big leaps forward for your business?

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