15 Findings on What Matters Most to Businesses

The American Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute in June 2010 in its report based on a survey of over 1100 small businesses indicated what matters the most to small business owners are the following:

  1. Customers who appreciate what we do
  2. Keeping the customers we have from leaving
  3. My employees
  4. Freedom
  5. Keeping customers happy
  6. Whatever matters most to our customers is what matters most to us
  7. Being able to make my own decisions
  8. Finding some way to be noticeably different from competitors
  9. Quality of my staff
  10. Setting my business apart from our competitors
  11. Figuring out ways to take advantage of any economic condition
  12. Creating a positive working environment for all
  13. Giving our employees reasons to feel better about being part of our team
  14. Being able to have the satisfaction of creating something of value
  15. Doing something for a living that I love to do

It would be a useful exercise to decide on what matters most to you and share it with your staff.

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